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When you purchase 6 GAINSWave® sessions, you’ll receive the 7th treatment absolutely free.

Free Treatment

When you purchase 6 GAINSWave® sessions, you’ll receive the 7th treatment absolutely free.


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Sexual health can feel a bit taboo. But we’re here to take away the stigma. Men and women alike can experience all sorts of sexual health challenges, especially as they age. That much is normal. But it doesn’t mean you have to “just live it.”
Maybe you’re…
• Seeing the spark fade from your relationship
• Enduring an uncomfortable or unenjoyable sex life
• Noticing your sex drive decreasing
Whatever your reasons, you deserve a fulfilling sex life. 
GAINSWave can help you get there. 

How does GAINSWave work?

GAINSWave is a clinically-proven, non-invasive procedure that uses low-intensity shock waves to improve sexual function in men and women. Shock wave therapy improves blood flow to the treated area, which can drastically improve a range of problems like: 

Whatever is standing between you and an enjoyable sex life, GAINSWave can make a difference.

Why choose GAINSWave?

There are tons of reasons why patients go with GAINSWave. For one thing, it has an incredible success rate of over 75%.

On top of that, it’s a completely natural solution. So, if you’re…

Tired of remembering to take medications
Fed up with annoying side effects
Discouraged by temporary results
Reluctant to commit to surgery

…then GAINSWave could be perfect for you.


“Great experience. Went in for a consult, and they answered every question and made me feel at ease about the process. They made me very comfortable, and I felt very confident in their practice. There was no pressure at all for any decisions to be made. Definitely recommend and will be going there again for other services as well.”



“I recently became a patient at New You Med Spa and I could not be happier. The staff is friendly and well versed on what they are doing. You can immediately tell that Dr. Tomar’s focus is not on making money but on the satisfaction of the patient. Unlike other doctors that I have been to, I never feel as though I am rushed in and out of the office.”



“Super friendly staff, clean environment, multiple services offered. My initial consult went so well- the NP listened to all my concerns, she was very informative with great explanation. Hope to get more services done here. Highly recommend!”


GUYS… It’s Time to Kick Insecurity to the Curb.

Is erectile dysfunction wreaking havoc on your sex life?

Do you want to perform better, whether or not you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction?

GAINSWave improves sexual health in men by increasing blood flow and stimulating the development of new blood vessels. The result? Better erectile function.

But GAINSWave for Him isn’t just for erectile dysfunction. It’s effective for:

Don’t wait another day. Take the step towards a more satisfying sex life.

LADIES… It’s Time to Take Control of Your Intimate Health.

Are you suffering from urinary incontinence? Vaginal dryness? Painful sex?

Do you lack confidence after childbirth or menopause?

GAINSWave for Her treats the root causes of sexual dysfunction in women. Things like:

By increasing blood flow to your intimate areas, GAINSWave encourages your body to produce new, healthier tissue with improved laxity and strength, better natural lubrication, and increased sensitivity (in a good way).

With GAINSWave, you can finally regain your confidence and enjoy your sex life again!

FAQs About GAINSWave

What problems does GAINSWave treat?

In men, GAINSWave is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and low sex drive. In women, it’s an effective treatment for vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, a weak pelvic floor, painful sex, and stretched or scarred vaginal tissue.

After GAINSWave, both men and women report enhanced sensation and better sexual fulfillment.

Yes, GAINSWave is a safe and non-invasive therapy with minimal side effects. Be sure to seek treatment for a trained medical professional for optimal safety.

Treatments are quick! 15-30 minutes is all it takes. 

There is no downtime after a GAINSWave treatment. You can go on about your day as planned!

Side effects are not common. However, some patients may experience redness or bruising at the treatment site. These problems generally resolve quickly without any intervention.

This can vary from patient to patient. Most people receive 6-12 treatments in total.

Some patients may experience mild discomfort, but overall, GAINSWave is well-tolerated by men and women alike. 

Many patients see improvement within the first few weeks. And the good news is… your results will continue to improve over time!

Definitely! Patients of all ages are suitable candidates for GAINSWave treatments.

Typically, no. Most insurances consider this an elective or cosmetic procedure.

In 20 Minutes, You Can Get A Whole New Outlook On Your Sexual Wellness.

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