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Achieve Your Dream Summer Body with Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

Achieve your dream summer body with non-surgical body sculpting! Learn how our NJ med spa can help you sculpt & tone with EvolveX & Define. Free consultation! Slug: /summer-body-sculpting

Picture this: summer arrives — and for once, you’re bursting with confidence. Remember all those seasons you hid behind baggy clothes? Wore long pants in the dead of summer? Avoided social activities out of self-consciousness? Those days are gone.

Maybe this sounds too good to be true. After all, you’ve hit the gym religiously, you’ve counted calories, and you still have those trouble spots that rob you of your confidence. The only other option is surgery… right? Wrong! The popular days of liposuction are numbered. Non-surgical body sculpting is the hottest trend, now — and with good reason. Let’s go over the facts.

Body Contouring and Sculpting: The Basics

New You Med Spa offers EvolveX and Define body & face contouring, the newest non-surgical solutions from InMode. These body contouring solutions provide consistent results, and they can be customized to your body’s unique shape and your own personal goals.

EvolveX and Define both use a synergistic combination of complementary energies, including radio frequency. The unique design incorporates several clinically-proven technologies. And the results? Impressive.

EvolveX Tite is a skin remodeling treatment that tightens skin in specific areas. This is an excellent option for body contouring after substantial weight loss!

EvolveX Tone is a muscle toning treatment that induces muscle contractions, strengthening the muscle and ultimately leading to a more toned figure overall.

EvolveX Transform is a combination of Tite and Tone, designed to both reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite and tone muscle. 

Define offers quick and personalized procedures in the facial area. It’s specifically designed to enhance facial aesthetics and refine your jaw and neckline. 

These non-invasive facial and body contouring options are safe for all skin tones and types. As a result, most patients are good candidates for EvolveX and Define.

FAQs About Body Contouring Solutions

Learn the ins and outs of our body contouring solutions so you can feel confident that you’re making the best choice for yourself.

Where can I get body contouring?

One of the best features of this type of treatment is that the options are virtually endless! Since treatment is so customizable, you can transform everything from your neck and jawline to your abs and thighs.

 How long does body contouring take?

Depending on the area of your body, sessions vary in length. They often last 20 minutes or more for smaller areas and up to an hour or longer for larger areas.

You can expect 4-8 treatments total, spread out over a few months. Investing in a monthly membership is especially beneficial if you plan on getting body contouring. With New You Med Spa’s membership, you get a percentage discount on a wide variety of services. What can we say? We believe in treating yourself on the regular!

How long does body contouring last?

Fat cells that are broken down and eliminated in the course of your treatments are gone permanently. You can still regain weight (and fat cells) in the same area, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can ensure stubborn fat pockets don’t return.

If you get treatment to achieve muscle tone and definition, it’s essential to continue exercising the muscles to keep them toned. Otherwise, your muscles will atrophy and lose strength and definition.Ultimately, non-surgical body contouring results can be long-lasting, especially if you schedule routine “maintenance” sessions. Our providers will go into greater detail during your consultation to ensure you achieve your dream results — and keep them!

Is body contouring for men an option?

Absolutely! Body contouring is ideal for anyone looking to target stubborn pockets of fat without the downtime of surgery. Men tend to opt for stomach or chest contouring or toning options, but they can realistically target any area they want. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation to see how body contouring can help you address your specific problem areas!

How effective is body contouring?

Body contouring can help eliminate fat and shape various areas of the body—particularly when diet and exercise are no longer working.

Many are surprised and impressed with their results, especially when contouring is paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. It’s important to set realistic expectations, but you will undoubtedly achieve natural-looking results and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

How can I afford body contouring?

If you’re looking for a smart, self-care investment, our membership options can save you a lot of money. Or, to finance your treatment, you can get pre-qualified and learn more about payment plans here.We also regularly offer exclusive discounts and special events. Check our specials & events page to see what’s coming up!

Body Contouring Without Surgery is Possible! Call New You Med Spa in Sewell, NJ

We’ve explored how non-surgical body and face contouring is possible with the help of our cutting-edge treatment options and expertly trained providers. Now, it’s up to you to check your calendar and start your sessions in time for summer! Fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation, or call us at 856-696-3463 to schedule an appointment at your convenience!